Bank of America Internship

Project Overview

For this project, my team and I wanted to focus on how to encourage energy savings. Our user group was young people who are living together in a home. The users were trying to conserve energy, save money, and be eco-friendly. They were also trying to accomplish these tasks while cooperating with other household members. A system was needed to address the numerous challenges users faced in trying to accomplish these goals.

Research Problem

The details...

I completed two projects while I was at Bank of America. The first was a mobile application for Make-A-Wish foundation in order to connect donors to the foundation (which helps grant wishes of terminally ill kids). I spent most of my time on this project, which I coded with a fellow intern using Ionic 2 (a framework that allows development on both iOS and Android with one codebase). We were able to test the app on phones and we worked closely with designers and the clients to implement the desired interface. The second project was an internal application that was built to help traders. 



The first step was to choose the platform (Ionic). Then I had to set up my development environment and learn the tool through tutorials. We worked with the designer to figure out what the different screens should look like. We started with making sure navigation to all pages existed. Then we started implementing functionality to the pages by importing actual data (before we were using dummy/mock data). Towards the end of the project, we found out we needed to add a security feature and this set us back in our project timeline. We had to use C# to create a service that would validate a user's login. At the end of the project, we had a functioning prototype that we were able to pass off to the client. For the second project, we had a lot of discussions on what the purpose of the application would be with important stakeholders before beginning implementation.


I worked as a peer coder for both projects. Additionally, we collaborated with the designers on our team and our managers for questions we had. 

I learned about the FinTech industry, mobile app development, and working in a corporate environment. The specific technology included Ionic, Angular, Node JS, and a little bit of C#.



These projects finished with one finished prototype and one half-finished prototype.