Steeple Chase: Gameboy Advance Game

Project Overview

For this project, my team and I wanted to focus on how to encourage energy savings. Our user group was young people who are living together in a home. The users were trying to conserve energy, save money, and be eco-friendly. They were also trying to accomplish these tasks while cooperating with other household members. A system was needed to address the numerous challenges users faced in trying to accomplish these goals.

Research Problem

The details...

This game was inspired by my love for horses. I decided to implement a side-scroller horse-racing game that combined this passion with a classic Gameboy style.



I approached the creation of this game as if I were constructing a pyramid. When building a pyramid, it is essential to build a solid base. What this means in terms of game creation is building the core functionality out before worrying about the polish and extra features that would be nice but that are not strictly necessary.


This project was purely my own creation, but I had a lot of help from people versed in game design principles. It was an interesting challenge to combine game functionality and the character art into one cohesive game.

I had a thorough introduction to the C language with this project. I also had the chance to use Usenti (a bitmap editor), the Visual Gameboy Advance Emulator, and Audacity (a sound editing program).