Marvel Book Pages

Project Overview

For this project, my team and I wanted to focus on how to encourage energy savings. Our user group was young people who are living together in a home. The users were trying to conserve energy, save money, and be eco-friendly. They were also trying to accomplish these tasks while cooperating with other household members. A system was needed to address the numerous challenges users faced in trying to accomplish these goals.

Research Problem

The details...

Our goal was to create a small subset of book pages on a topic related to Atlanta. Our group chose to focus on Marvel movies that were being filmed in Atlanta.



Our process was to design an initial draft of the pages using online articles for the word content. We put up our work for critique, received feedback, and collaborated on merging our different design ideas (there were 3 of us working together). We repeated the critique process and made more changes accordingly.


I worked with two classmates on the design elements and received feedback and critique from classmates and the professor.

I learned how to use InDesign. I also learned how to not take critique personally and how to accept feedback to make designs better. Additionally, with 3 designers, I learned that coming up with standardized rules is important for keeping consistency in a design.