Alexa's Adventures: Minecraft Animation

Project Overview

For this project, my team and I wanted to focus on how to encourage energy savings. Our user group was young people who are living together in a home. The users were trying to conserve energy, save money, and be eco-friendly. They were also trying to accomplish these tasks while cooperating with other household members. A system was needed to address the numerous challenges users faced in trying to accomplish these goals.

Research Problem

The details...

I created this project in the process of training to be an IT specialist for an animation camp run by Youth Digital. Over the course of a summer, I taught kids how they could make their own short minecraft animation and this project helped me gain the necessary skills to be able to teach them well.



I watched many tutorials that taught me how to use the Blender software. The process of teaching kids these skills required me to come up with ways to simplify difficult technical concepts so that they could understand. I also helped them with how to design their animations in a unique way.


I followed tutorials for this animation and collaborated with the camp staff to teach kids how to create their own animations.

I became very familiar with manipulating objects, setting scenes, and working with keyframes within the Blender software with this project.